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Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 12:49:44 -0400
From: anneh-at-MIT.EDU
To: quentin-at-mit.edu

Dear Graduating Course VI Students,

Congratulations on your Course VI degree from the Course VI Undergraduate Office! We've just returned from the Institute meeting where your degrees were approved. The only thing that can stop you graduating now is financial problems, but I'm sure you know if you've got those.

For those of you who are leaving MIT, I hope that you'll stay in touch with us and visit us whenever you're back on campus during business hours. We'll value your feedback, and hope that you will send ads back to me for the jobs list, teach IAP classes and participate in other ways in MIT student programs like UPOP and FASIP.

I particularly thank all of you who have participated in service to the department through HKN projects, ACM/IEEE activities, as tourguides, lab assistants in classes, IAP instructors, associate advisors, FPOP and WTP counselors, etc. Those of you who have taken time to visit with us and let us get to know you have made our jobs even more worthwhile.

I hope you and your families have a terrific Commencement Day. Look for me as you are marching, just as you turn onto Mass. Ave.; I'll be there to greet you, wearing a bright red dress.

Please have a terrific life, and let us hear from you!


Anne, Vera, Linda and Helen
The Course VI Undergraduate Office
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